Terra Drilling is committed to providing quality surface diamond drilling servies throughout Australia, including core, directional, metallurgical and geotechnical

Terra Drilling is proud to have partnered with a diverse range of clients across Western Australia's mining industry. We meet the needs of both small and large companies on a range of long and short-term projects.

Ponton Minerals Pty Ltd (A Mark Creasy Company)

Terra Drilling was engaged by Ponton Minerals to complete drilling across the Fraser Range project portfolio in 2013.

Terra Drilling was engaged by Ponton Minerals to complete drilling across the Fraser Range project portfolio in 2013. Since then, Terra Drilling has been the exclusive diamond contractor and the contractor of choice for Ponton Minerals.

Terra Drilling has always delivered excellent service in a safe, efficient, and professional manner. One of the defining factors in choosing Terra Drilling for ongoing diamond drilling is the ability to deal directly with the company owner in regard to specific project and client needs.

I would have no hesitation recommending Terra Drilling for future diamond drilling.

Oliver Kiddie
General Manager
Ponton Minerals Pty Ltd (A Mark Creasy Company)

Antipa Minerals The Citadel Project

Terra Drilling have successfully completed diamond drilling at the Citadel Project for Antipa Minerals during 2013.

Terra Drilling are well managed and provided safe, productive and cost effective drilling services throughout the program. We found the Terra team easy to work with, and responsive to our needs.

As a junior explorer working in a remote location, one of our biggest challenges is logistics and support. Antipa have certainly appreciated Terra helping us to find solutions and having a can do approach in this area.

I would be happy to recommend Terra Drilling to other exploration and mining companies.

Ian Gregory
Exploration Manager
Antipa Minerals

Atlas Iron Alice Extension

For the past four years Terra Drilling has worked with emerging Pilbara powerhouse Atlas Iron where we have provided PQ3 exploration drilling.

Atlas has used Terra Drilling extensively in the past and have benefited from their high quality equipment and innovative engineering solutions to reduce safety risks.

Pip Darvall
Exploration and Resource Geology Manager
Atlas Iron

Silver Lake Resources Mt Monger and Murchison Operations

Terra Drilling has worked closely with Goldfields success story Silver Lake Resources, providing gold exploration drilling services for HQ3 and NQ3 core initially at the Mt Monger Operations and more recently also at the company's new Murchison Operations.

SLR have engaged Terra Drilling on several occasions to conduct drilling on our gold projects in the Mt Monger region. Terra Drilling always conducted themselves in a professional manner and placed strong emphasis on safety and productivity.

Gareth Solly
Chief Operations Geologist
Silver Lake Resources

Jupiter Mines Exploration

For the past two years Terra Drilling has been helping Jupiter Mines to find the next big iron ore deposit in the Yilgarn. Drilling PQ3 core, we are thrilled to be working on such an exciting project.

Jupiter Mines in 2011 and 2012 completed over 100,000m of drilling on its two iron ore projects in the Central Yilgarn. Included in this drilling was approximately 15,000m of both HQ and PQ diamond drilling for resource estimation, geotechnical and metallurgical which was undertaken by Terra Drilling.

We found Terra very professional in their attitude and work practices, maintained a high standard of safety and completed the program in an expeditious manner. Terra was not a drilling company that I lost any sleep over.

Greg Durack
Chief Executive Officer
Jupiter Mines