Terra Drilling is committed to providing quality surface diamond drilling servies throughout Australia, including core, directional, metallurgical and geotechnical

Hanjin Powerstar 7000 Track Mounted Drill

The Hanjin Powerstar is a pocket rocket, providing efficient drilling which is easy to maintain and repair. The bonus with the Powerstar is Low Footprint Drilling.

  • Is a full package mounted drill rig
  • Provides down the hole, rotary drilling and diamond drilling
  • Is self-loading
  • Has optional vertical and angle drilling
  • Has a high working efficiency
  • Uses an automated rod handling system
  • Has a wireline system
  • Utilises an innovative foot clamping system
Depth Capability:
Approximately: 1200m NQ, 750m HQ, 450m PQ.
Hanjin Power Pack (420HP)
Rod Handler:

Boart Longyear KWL 1600

Our Boart Longyear KWL 1600 is the market leader in performance and safety. It is robust, versatile and can be configured for both reverse drilling and diamond drilling applications.

  • Is designed with power to spare, separate pumps for major functions deliver full power at anytime
  • Comes with acoustic enclosure for power pack
  • Has a top mounted main line hoist & wire line
  • Has a UDR rod spinner & power breakouts to make/break rods.
Depth Capability:
Approximately: 2240m NQ, 1600m HQ, 900m PQ.
Caterpillar CATC13 (420hp)
Rod Handler:

Support Vehicles

  • Hanjin Track Mounted Rod Carrier
  • Explorex Drillers Van: ½ office, ½ workshop
  • Water Truck: 9,000L tank
  • Fuel and Fresh WaterTruck
  • Rod Transport: 9m
  • 4x4 Man Truck
  • 8x8 Man Truck with 10t Hiab
  • 2 Toyota light vehicles
  • 2 Toyota (dual cab) Landcruisers: One for each shift
  • 1 Toyota Landcruiser: Supervisors ute