About Terra Drilling Pty Ltd

Terra Drilling provides quality, safe and efficient surface diamond drilling throughout Australia, including core, directional, metallurgical and geotechnical drilling services.

Since Establishment in 2008, Terra Drilling has built a reputation as a diamond drilling specialist in the West Australian Goldfields, Yilgarn and Pilbara mining regions.

The company is committed to providing quality-drilling services for mineral exploration, mining and geotechnical clients.

With an extensive client base we cater for explorers to mid-tier miners, right through to major multi national mining houses.

We take pride in our highly skilled drillers and support staff, and with state-of-the-art equipment and drilling technology we work to strict occupational health, safety and environmental management values.

At Terra Drilling, we're drilling for your success!

What our Clients say...

Drilling Clients

"Terra Drilling were willing to go that extra step...

Future Metals embarked on their maiden drilling program in the remote Kimberley Region of Western Australia with Terra Drilling. Terra teamed up with Future Metals to ensure the drilling program commenced on time and was trouble free. With excellent equipment and highly experienced staff Terra Drilling have performed brilliantly providing high quality core and drill hole data in challenging conditions. Future Metals was able to hit the ground running at Panton Sill only because Terra Drilling were willing to go that extra step and work with the client to ensure a successful and cost-effective drilling program. Terra and Future Metals are committed to a major drilling program in the Kimberley’s that will see us working together for the rest of 2021. I recommend Terra Drilling to anyone considering a diamond drilling program.”

Shane Hibbird | Exploration Manager
Future Metals

Terra Drilling Clients

"...the programme was completed within the expected timeframe and budget and was incident-free..."

"Maximus Resources had Terra Drilling on site for a ca. 5km drill-programme and were very impressed by the condition of the equipment brought to site, and the communication between the drill-crew and Maximus personnel.  The Terra crew became an extension to the exploration team at Wattle Dam and worked with us to achieve the desired goals. The crew were quick to act on requests from Maximus, and the programme was completed within the expected timeframe and budget and was incident-free.  We look forward to having Terra Drilling back at Wattle Dam for future drilling campaigns.”

Dr Travis Murphy | Chief Geologist
Maximus Resources Limited